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I know, I know. LJ is the kid who can’t seem to graduate and tries (but often fails) to be cool and Tumblr is the most popular kid in school because she’s the one you go to for all the good stuff.

In spite of all that, how many of you really miss House? Miss making graphics, writing fics and just being around people who still love one of the best shows on TV? Well, come join Dr. House Land. We have three teams: Team Vicodin, Team Whiteboard and Team Flame Cane. The first round is going on now and will end in October.

If nothing else, it’s a nice change of pace.

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Jennifer Morrison at Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration Party in San Diego.

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Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.


This can not be unseen.

rumplestiltskin appreciation week | [day 6] favourite dynamic: Rumple + Regina

One Emma Swan gif per episode: 1x13-1x18

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Jennifer Morrison, Rose McIver | "Wish I Was Here" premiere (June 23, 2014) [x]


AU: The Swan-Mills decide to go on a trip and escape from fairytales and curses for a few days, but Henry seems to have a hard time with the ‘staying away from the fairytales’ part.

H: Mom! Mom! Look what I found! Can we keep it?? I think I’m naming it Sebastian.

Swan-Mills Challenge - 4 seasons: [winter]



even this very young specimen of cat has already mastered the “I totally meant to do that” save.



Team House

Jennifer Morrison, Rose McIver | "Wish I Was Here" premiere (June 23, 2014) [x]

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