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Emma Swan reaction gifs

Emma Swan and her magical hair.


Hola, Swan Queen Nation!

I’ve been noticing that lately we’re being called a ‘bunch of dumb lesbians’ or ‘fucking dykes’ and all kinds of lovely names, because of our belief that Emma and Regina belong together.

Nevermind the great chemistry, the epic love story, the gazes, the eye sex, the fact that they create magic and move fucking planets together, that they share a son and that they could be each’s other second chance at true love. Oh no, we just ship them because we’re just a bunch of dykes that only want to see some girl on girl action in a fucking ABC show. 

So, I’m making a poll, a survey if you will, to see the how our beloved ship is distributed in means of gender and sexuality. 

Now, you need to be honest in your answer and only vote once, the poll is designed to block your IP after you do it, so you only get one shot (You don’t need more)

Also, you can help me spread the word. Reblog this post to all your SQ friends and followers and ask them to do the same. The idea is that the whole fandom, or at least a very big part of it, partake in the poll. 

Thanks! and don’t forget to vote!


Regina `omg I’m so in love why do you have to be so perfect Emma I wanna punch you with my mouth please marry me’ Mills


Jennifer Morrison in every episode of House

1x04 - Maternity


Swan Queen Per Episode

→ Witch Hunt (3x13)



a gif like this doesnt come around but once every dynasty

Favourite line in all of Dinsey

I am not in any bookI’m a real person, and I’m no savior. 


Emma & Regina


God could they be more gorgeous :/


We’re just two little girls, who didn’t matter, who don’t think they ever will.

Hugh Laurie ♥ Jennifer Morrison
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